AUTHOR: Aashana Yadav

(Student, Modern School, Delhi)

I saw the path where it began
At a bend of the well paved road that I walked.
Dark and forbidding as it weaved and ran.
And I knew it then….. but still I baulked.

Then, as I walked my chosen road,
In my mind’s eye flashed that twisting path.
I looked away yet it showed,
Like a treacherous tryst that the heart forbode.

And I knew then that it was the one,
Chosen for me and not my road.
So, I left it, left my journey undone,
Went back to the path, my pace much slowed.

I looked for my friends but there were none.
And I was the only one,
Destined to walk that lonely path,
From the bend in the road where it began.

I shielded my eyes and stood tiptoe.
To look as far as sight would go.
But it stretched further than the realms of sight,
Meandering to places, I did not know.

The path is lonely, the walk is long.
Perils threaten as I walk along.
But I knew at its start at the shady bend,
That I will walk it till it’s very end.

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