AUTHOR: Kadambari Bhan

(College Student, Aspiring Journalist)

The sea lay ahead beckoning me,
Calling out, luring me as would a siren,
Tempting me with the thoughts of the unknown.
Of quests that awaited me,
Of the irrepressible gale of wind,
Of the rush of freedom flowing through my veins,
Of, my journey.

What mysteries it were to offer was anyone’s
Should I step out into the Unknown?
Or should I lay safe cocooned in my haven?
But my soul filled with audacity,
Yearns for the thrill of adventure,
Yearns for the eternal silence of the pelagic,
And the placidity.

I hear the voices, the voices of my loved ones,
Following them, as I set afoot into the saline,
An indescribable feeling overwhelms me,
Encompassing me with elation,
And, all doubts vanish with the breeze.
And I tread on, towards the voices calling me, Calling me home.

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