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AUTHOR: Eshal Ajmal


Journalism is an art that has managed to survive for centuries solely due to its ingrained ethics. As with any other industry, journalism has gone through several changes in time, but these changes have deprived real stories of the deserved attention and credit. With the increase in the circulation of “fake news,” the journalism industry has taken a turn for the worst. With many stories out there crammed with false reports, it is becoming harder for readers to differentiate between truth and a lie. The principles which have guided journalism for years are beginning to fade. The more desperately the press chases readers, the more it is starting to resemble politics. With all these predicaments plaguing journalism, popular support for it has begun to fade. 

Fake news is not a new concept for eons humans have manipulated, and fabricated information to suit their need – to confuse, persuade, and entertain. During World War II, the United States used propaganda on American citizens to rally the country. Furthermore, Adolf Hitler was a master of spreading fake news. So many people at present see stuff and share it without checking the truth behind the message. This influx of fake news has managed to undermine and erode the concept of honest journalism. 

The guiding principles of journalism are truth and accuracy, independence, fairness and impartiality, humanity, and accountability. Throughout time journalists have depended on these principles to guide them in their art. Nevertheless, nowadays, these values have been lost in the never-ending fraudulence of society. Truth and accuracy have been thrown out of the window as false news continues to prevail. Impartiality has disappeared as more and more journalists have started to publish their opinions. Unbiased opinions no longer exist in the world of journalism. Due to the disintegration of values, the public has lost its belief and faith in journalism’s novel art. 

The future of journalism depends on its ability to change for good. To survive, it will have to re-establish its age-old values and principles. 

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