This young era of awareness, accountability and recognition requires young and unbiased writers. As the world is at a war for peace, as it burns itself to be saved, the world needs voices.  Voices that aren’t controlled by the shackles of the majority, but; have a voice of their own. We speak and write our mind and we are completely independent. We strive to achieve a world where students are not afraid to speak. A world where every opinion is tolerated and right to speech is not just theoretical, but is a way of life.

Young and student writers are not just the future but they also are the present. The past decade has been a revolution for young individuals in terms of the importance of their opinions and we wish to engineer a world which accommodates young writes. We at Philology strive to provide the budding writers a platform where they can showcase their skills and propagate their intellectual ideas. We at philology strive to imbibe the love of learning in the hearts of citizens of the global community.

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